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(1)  Are SUMMIT advisers trained?

(2)  What if I register but then change my mind?

(3)  How do I register?

(4)  Is it expensive to use SUMMIT recruitment services?

(5)  Will using SUMMIT Recruitment Services give me an advantage?

(6)  What is a mock interview?

(7)  What does it cost to register with SUMMIT?

(8)  How can assessment assist decision making?

(9)  Which method of assessment can help?

(10)  What is psychometric testing and assessment?

(11)  What can be measured by psychometric assessment?

(12)  If I am an employer, why should I pay you?

(13)  How can psychometric assessment assist selection decisions?

(14)  What is the qualification I will gain from BTEC training?

(15)  Are the assessment methods used in Arabic or English?

(16)  Will psychometric assessment give me easy answers?

(17)  Which tests do SUMMIT use?

(18)  Are there any pitfalls in using psychometric tests?

(19)  What can I do after I have completed the qualification?

(20)  What support will I gain to help me complete the qualification?

(21)  What does the qualification include?

(22)  What will be required to complete the course successfully?

(23)  How is the course delivered?

(24)  Who is the qualification awarded by?

(25)  What does BTEC stand for?

(26)  When is psychometric assessment useful?

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